Durban Kush Review

Smoking marijuana is an experience that faces much stigma these days, but much love as well. Organic Alternatives is dedicated to providing premium products to people who are ready to love marijuana. By growing our own marijuana in-house, we can ensure that only a certain quality of marijuana exits our front door each day. Today, we have such a strain that we’ve been very excited about, Durban Kush is the latest strain to hit our shelves!

This sweet 50/50 hybrid has been on my radar since I first harvested it back at the beginning of September. It had a particularly strong candy banana terpene profile and of course, being absolutely covered in trichomes, it was very difficult to not be paying attention to where this plant was going! Now that it is finally on sale at Organic Alternatives, I’ve been able to get my hands on an 1/8th of it.

Durban Kush smells wonderful straight from the package, aging from candy banana into a smooth chocolate black liquorice profile, it was a complete surprise to be smelling something totally different but equally as amazing when I opened my 1/8th. The hit was very smooth and tasted chocolatey, and so far has been great for enjoying things such as petting my cat, watching some new shows on Netflix, and making dinner. This high hits fast and loose, and left me feeling an 8/10 from just a single toke.

This strain is quickly becoming one of my favorites, and I recommend keeping an eye out for it when we have this in stock. We’ll have Durban Kush available in cones, grams, eighths, quarters, and half ounces! Come and check out this sweet sativa while we have it in the store, I’m certain that it’s going to be a sell-out. Be sure to also check out our other blog posts on different ways to use hash, or our post on our cone making process, and how you can fix a bum cone at home!