Cultivating New Strains

Cultivating New Strains

Out at the Organic Alternatives’ production facility we are very excited to be cultivating some new strains that we are sure you all will love. We have two rounds of new strains, with some hitting the shelves in a few months and the others a little later.

The first round will be some Afghani grown in house, we are very excited to finally be cultivating this strain! Also included in this round will be Thai Lights, the infamous Cali O and the crowd pleaser Cornbread (butter not included with Cornbread).

Right around the start of January, we have a whole new group of strains that will be hitting the shelves. A tried and true old time sativa, Island Sweet Skunk and some relatively new comers on the scene that we are just as excited about including Wedding Cake by Ethos, Mandarin Sunset, Memberberry (for you South Park enthusiasts), Sweet Sweet, UK Cheese and Witches Weed.

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