Introducing Lemon Creamsicle Limited Cultivar

We would like to introduce the Limited Edition Cultivars at Organic Alternatives. The Limited Edition Cultivars will be fresh picks and small batch test runs. What does this mean? We are constantly testing out new cultivars at our Hive! Some make the cut and some don’t. The Limited Edition fresh picks made the cut. We can’t wait to share these new cultivars with all of you.

This is the first run of Lemon Creamsicle. We are extremely excited about this cultivar that was bred by Free World Genetics. There is a limited amount available so be sure to try it while you can, it will most likely sell out by the end of the weekend!

Sativa Hybrid: 70/30
Sex Grenade (Lemon G x Dr. Hoffman) X Creamsicle OG (Clementine Kush x Ghost OG)

Initial appearance:
-Light color
-Creamy Crystals
-Oval budstructure with tight, dense, and sticky buds similar to Golden Goat

Initial smell:
-Sweet lemon candy
-Faint Lavender with citrus undertones upon breaking up buds

Taste/flavor on inhale:
-Some faint spice/peppercorn that turns in to a dominant lemon zest flavor.

Taste flavor on exhale:
-Smooth lemon flavor with a great lemon after taste. Lemon pepper mixed with Italian ice.

Initial Effects:
-Calming/relaxing wave of euphoria, starting in the nasal area
-Very smooth body high

Prolonged Effects:
-Some anti-anxiety relief
-Appetite stimulant
-Muscle relaxation

-Pairs well with your favorite citrusy beverage

Prominent Terpenes:
-Pinene – Pine – Bronchodilatory, anti-inflammatory, memory aide
-Limonene – Lemon – potential gastro reflux relief
-Linalool – Lavender – anti-anxiety, sedative
-Caryophyllene – Peppercorns – anti-malarial, potential for addiction treatment

1.60% Total Terpenes

***Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by a medical professional. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.***

Thanks to LISTO Pictures for another SWEET video!