Meet Our Head Grower!

Meet Jeremiah, our head grower. Hailing from the mean streets of Fort Collins, Jeremiah has been working for Organic Alternatives for over 2 years. It’s never hard to find him out here, often his infectious laughter and larger-than-life personality give up his location before he’s seen. Jeremiah’s love of cannabis is clear in every moment of his work and in the quality of the flower that Organic Alternatives produces.

Jeremiah’s CannaProfile:

How many years growing? 11
Flower or Concentrates? Flower
Favorite OA strains? Banana OG, Mandarin Sunset, Wedding Cake
What’s your favorite terpene? Pinene
What’s an interesting fact about you? Cannot be found on social media

He’s stoked to have over 25 Organic Alternatives strains on the shelf for the upcoming 4/20 holiday!

Thanks Jeremiah!


Welcome back in! Organic Alternatives' budroom is now OPEN to the public. The drive-thru is no longer open and all orders will need to be picked up inside. We still encourage you to save time and order online, but walk-in customers are welcome.