Tangerilla Limited Cultivar Release!

We are excited to announce the release of our latest Limited Cultivar…..Tangerilla! It just hit the shelves this morning and like the other Limited Cultivars, we don’t expect it to last long! Check out the full description below and be sure to try it before it’s gone.


Type: Sativa 60% / Indica 40%
Lineage: Orange Cookies x Gorilla Glue
Potency: 24.36% Total THC
Prominent Terpenes:
1.47% β-Myrcene – Hops – anti-inflammatory, sedative, muscle relaxant, pain relief
0.56% β-Caryophyllene – Peppercorns – anti-malarial, potential for addiction treatment
0.18% Limonene – Lemon – potential gastro reflux relief
0.14% Humulene – Cloves – anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, appetite suppressant
0.13% Linalool – Lavender – anti-anxiety, sedative
2.51% Total Terpenes

Initial Appearance: Dark/orange hairs, elongated bud structure similar to that of a spade.

Initial Smell: Deep rhubarb with a peppery lemon spice and musty funk. Notes of cumin, grapefruit, coriander, acidic orange, and yellow bell pepper.

Taste/Flavor on Inhale: Flavors similar to that of a citrus garden.

Initial Effects: Super motivated and uplifting.

Prolonged Effects: Extremely chatty, but be warned that you may start to talk very loud without realizing you are! Heaviness of the arms, very spacey, misguided motivation. Cotton mouth inducing…be sure to have your favorite beverage nearby!

Pairs well with a dip in the river or a cool evening run to the convenience store.

***Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by a medical professional. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.***

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