Fast, friendly & convenient online & curbside pick-up. Glad you’re open for business again!
Matt was the greatest! Helped with selections in many different categories. Thanks Matt!
Matt was very patient and friendly. Informative about all the products my companion ask about.
Matt is awesome. Informative...have questions for him tomorrow.
Budtender Matt was very helpful with my edibles selection. Great place and friendly staff.
Loved my experience at Organic Alternatives....Alecia was very knowledgeable and helpful.....Definitely going again !!
–P. Hoover
Organic Alternatives has the healthiest products and the best, most knowledgeable staff. Matt is the best!
The staff at OA are top notch as is their product. Been to other dispensaries ....... organically grown makes a difference.. Keep up the good work. MM
We always stop at Organic Alternatives when traveling thru Colorado. When we stopped today we were greeted right away and Kelly was so helpful. He answered all of our questions, helped us make some great choices and even saved us some cash! Kelly was very knowledgeable and we hope he is working when we stop on our way home.
–Terry & Deb
The caring and knowledgeable experts at Organic Alternatives have helped me learn and understand what can help me as I suffer from nerve damage. Always greeted with smiles and treated like a close friend. The finest products, the cleanest establishment, and the best people working there. What more can you ask for? Coming from a Fort Collins Native, this is the ONLY place that is 5 star and community friendly and involved. Class with no sass and that neighborly feeling.
Friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere with quality products that perform very well. Thanks to Steve and the entire crew from grow to the store!
This store is incredible! So welcoming for new or frequent consumers. They flower is the best in Ft. Collins and they always have a great edibles & concentrates. The greatest part about this store is the staff though, they’re always so friendly and know so much about the products. Definitely a place to visit when in Ft. Collins!
Some of the best quality and prices in Fort Collins, always friendly and informative staff. Never a long wait either. All around great place to go for all your cannabis needs!
–Jared Clinton
I have been trying out local dispensaries for months in an effort to find a place to patronize. Organic Alternatives was my final stop!
–Adam N.
I’ve been a lifelong advocate and consumer of Cannabis. I can attest to the positive effect the plant has had on my life for many years. But in the beginning, it wasn’t always so rosey. I can remember being 15 years old (which is far too young to be smoking) and getting busted by my father. Needless to say, my dad, a 6 foot tall, 185 lb diesel mechanic and Vietnam vet, was not too keen on his eldest son going down this particular path. Fast forward 22 years; I still greatly enjoy cannabis and in fact, currently find gainful employment legally growing it. My father, has since retired and has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and he’s not the tough-as-nails beast he use to be. In fact, he’s been struggling. Parkinson’s is, in part, caused by the body failing to produce dopamine. Among other things, Dopamine helps regulate movement, attention, learning, and emotional responses… including mood.  In the past few years he’s been put on a pretty serious cocktail of prescription drugs to help him in his daily life and one of those drugs is an antidepressant that gives him mixed internal signals and makes getting to sleep difficult and another is an anti-anxiety to help him sleep. I’ve been doing some home renovations and I asked him to come visit while I worked on the house. This was also an opportunity to observe him and perhaps help him in some way.  After witnessing the power these mood altering drugs were having on him, I very strongly suggested / insisted that we smoke together. And so we did… and it was amazing! He has since replaced those two very potent mood altering drugs with a low THC, high CBD daily smoking routine, and he can’t believe he’s waited this long to partake. My main takeaways are to remain curious and open to new things. If you’re not satisfied with your treatments, seek alternatives. Talk to a budtender about what you’d like cannabis to potentially do for you, I know Maka (our Director of Sales and Marketing) was instrumental in my father’s pursuit of alternative medicine when he recommended the strain Nina’s Web and my family couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks Maka and the diverse and magical powers of cannabis!
–My Pops and Nina