Turn Down For Watt!!!

At Organic Alternatives, we are always striving to be as eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible. We recently outfitted our vegetative rooms with LED lights from Thrive Agritech. It is very exciting to see where LED technology has gone in the last few years. Just two years ago almost anyone in the cannabis industry would have laughed at you trying to use LED lighting technologies to cultivate cannabis…and many still do! But at Organic Alternatives, we have reduced our power and wattage consumption as well as our HVAC costs from cooling those hot, hot, hot HID lights. And guess what…? We haven’t seen growth like this ever under HID lights. We are super excited to be running tests in flower with the same LED technology! We are currently underway with round two of testing, as the results from round one were extremely promising. Oh, and one more thing….with the switch to LED’s at Organic Alternatives, we put the power that 20-25 homes consume annually back on the grid!