What goes into an Organic Alternatives cone?

Cones… It is difficult to know where to begin. There are many different kinds. You have your regular doobies, and you have your ‘king’ rolls. They can be short and fat, or skinny and long. It all depends on your preference, and what you like to roll and smoke.

However, when you go out to your local dispensary to buy a pre rolled cone you are putting your trust, into that dispensary to not only supply you with a good cone, but to keep the quality consistent as well. That is what we strive to do here at Organic Alternatives. Some dispensaries actually use shake for their cones, but we only use full flower! In addition to that, each and every one of our production techs examines an OA cone and looks for 3 specific components.

Does the cone have any air pockets? 

This typically occurs when kief and flower material settle unevenly in the cone. Our cone production techs inspect each cone individually to ensure even mixing.

Is the cone too tight to pull oxygen through? 

When the cone is packed to the point where you can’t pull air through, it often results in frustration, tears, and a desperate re-roll. We always make sure to leave some breathing room. 

Would we ourselves be satisfied with purchasing and smoking this cone? 

Why yes, we would. On an average, OA produces 1,500 cones per week, each one passing a rigorous visual inspection of all components before they hit the store. Our employees also regularly purchase the cones that we produce to ensure that they are smoking how they should.

By carefully examining these 3 cone components, we are able to consistently and accurately produce mass quantities of first class pre rolls. We would love to hear your feedback!

-Makaela “The Cone Queen”