Why pay for waste?

Did you know that consumers pay for waste all the time? Imagine how you’d feel if you went to your mechanic to have some repairs made and when the work was done, you looked at the invoice and saw all kinds of weird charges?  Charges like: “technician looking for the correct tool – ½ hour”. Our bet is you’d probably dispute such charges.

The thing is, this happens all the time; all neatly wrapped into the final price.

Organic Alternatives doesn’t believe you should have to pay for OUR waste when you’re about to enjoy the highest quality cannabis in Colorado. Every month in our cannabis gardens, our entire team is committed to making dozens of improvements to our processes and techniques to ensure that what you’re paying for is only the finest, soil grown cannabis using organic practices, and not a bunch of wasteful work or inefficient systems. This diligent work continues throughout every post harvest cannabis processing step as well.

Colorado’s very own Organic Alternatives, making changes for the better!